Our products

We have a comprehensive selection of Kinyo blankets engineered and manufactured to the highest standards to deliver the highest performance and functionality for any application.

We are one of the first companies to use solvent-free technologies. Kinyo combines environmental compatibility with unique product performance.

Our customers can rely on our quality of service and our technical support.

Sheetfed blankets

for packaging and commercial applications

Web offset blankets

for heatset and coldset applications

Self-adhesive blankets

for printing cans, labels and flexible packaging

Varnishing plates and blankets

for the finishing of
print products

Kinyo printing blankets incorporate some of the industry’s most innovative rubber formulas—products resulting from our own experience and research and development programs. Surface finishes are painstakingly engineered to meet specific printing requirements. We even designed our own finishing equipment to ensure tightest tolerances.

  • Specially designed carcasses to reduce sinking and maintain consistent thickness throughout the life of the blanket
  • excellent rebound characteristics designed to resist crashes/paper marking due to a special Kinyo production process of ThermaSphere® technology
  • Polished surfaces to provide better ink acceptance and superb ink transfer
  • Pinhole-free surfaces due to a special Kinyo developed extruder machine
  • Surface rubber formulated to ensure quick release
  • Constant product quality through strict quality management
  • Energy recovery and solvent-free production process throughout the entire manufacturing process