Offset rubber blankets are essential elements in determining print quality. Newspapers, magazines, books, catalogues, flyers and beverage cans are all printed through the offset process. To support these applications KINYO offers a variety of products individually suitable for each application.

Our Promise

We show you how to achieve quality and performance

For you and your customers:
For every application a suitable blanket

Our products: Continuously developed through customer feedback

Our production: Environmentally friendly printing blankets thanks to solvent-free production process

Our knowledge: Added value in the printing process – sustainable and specialised

Our support: User-oriented, practical and cost-efficient

We for you!

State-of-the-art technology in every printing blanket

At Kinyo we do one thing and we do it well! Our focus is on the production and delivery of printing blankets of the highest quality. We value consistency and excellence in all areas of our business, from research and development to customer service.

Every day, a proactive research and development team works to advance Kinyo’s leading technology and continuously improve the quality of our printing blankets. Together with the extensive technical capabilities and resources of Kinyosha in Tokyo, this continuous process guarantees the customer a fast response to immediate needs and the mastering of challenges in the future.

  • Product mix

Blanket performance

We develop blankets with highest quality for the customer needs.

Innovation & tradition

We are the world first blanket manufacturer who produce solvent free.